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How to make a Proper Cold Call from Scratch: Part One

Ah the Cold Call. It certainly has had its fair share of critics and on the other side the believers. Some say it is dead, others still swear by it. At the end of the day it comes down to the question of are they a good way of generated greater business and a good use of time?

To this, I give a resounding answer of Read the rest of this entry


Sales Skills needed in the Cloud

With the rapid evolution of Information Technology products/services moving to the cloud, companies embracing this movement are realizing that there’s not only a shift in what these new virtualised services offer, but how it is communicated to their current and new clients.

The selling process has become a lot deeper and conceptualised. Read the rest of this entry

Reaching for the Top Shelf in Sales

Firstly a huge WELCOME to the Top Shelf Sales Blog!! I am extremely excited to launch this blog and start sharing with you all some of the secrets, strategies and success we here at Top Shelf Sales have either experienced, taught or discovered over the years.

What better way to start than with the basics. “Never underestimate the power of simplicity” was a quote I have always remembered throughout my career. I am amazed how often we over complicate things  and how often the simplest solution is often the best and most effective.

Right now is an exciting time! Businesses are back in growth mode experiencing record profits, technology is evolving at an extraordinary pace and competition is getting smarter and stronger all the time. Which means that we should be all reaching for that Top Shelf and searching for ways to become more innovative and proactive to keep one step ahead. Read the rest of this entry