Reaching for the Top Shelf in Sales

Firstly a huge WELCOME to the Top Shelf Sales Blog!! I am extremely excited to launch this blog and start sharing with you all some of the secrets, strategies and success we here at Top Shelf Sales have either experienced, taught or discovered over the years.

What better way to start than with the basics. “Never underestimate the power of simplicity” was a quote I have always remembered throughout my career. I am amazed how often we over complicate things  and how often the simplest solution is often the best and most effective.

Right now is an exciting time! Businesses are back in growth mode experiencing record profits, technology is evolving at an extraordinary pace and competition is getting smarter and stronger all the time. Which means that we should be all reaching for that Top Shelf and searching for ways to become more innovative and proactive to keep one step ahead.

Now lets keep it simple, generally those successful companies have the following 3 basic element of their business well developed and defined.

  1. People: Have the right people, with the right skills in the right positions.
  2. Process: Have the right processes in place to support their people and product/technology.
  3. Product/Technology: Have the right product/technology to complement their processes and people.

These 3 key elements of the triangle must be able to interact and support each other. If you have the right people, but not the right processes in place to support them there’s going to be problems. Likewise you may have brilliant technology, however without the right people (or more specifically the right skilled people) to sell and/or operate it, you are pretty much guaranteed to experience troubles.

One of the biggest emerging problems I am seeing more of, are businesses that are trying to embrace the explosive evolution of technology and are leaving their people behind or are throwing their people into an area that they may not be totally suited to or skilled for.

A perfect example of this is a global IT service provider that TIA was recently approached by, who wanted to find out why their sales team were finding it difficult to sell a new product they had developed. “The product is the best in our market by a long way” commented the MD. After a series of interviews, observations and surveys what was found is that although they had a great product (technology) it required a new level of skills to be learnt by their sales team (people) in order for the new change to add value to their business .

You see, although the concept of their product didn’t change (data management in this case) the properties of the product had (moved to a more managed service solution) and this change required their sales team to learn how to sell and deal with C-Level professionals and speak in a language of value adding, not just tech talk.

Once their sales team learnt these required skills to match their new product, record sales were achieved.

So next time your business is going through a change or just about to embark on one. Think of the Total Inter Action Triangle and ask the following questions “What effect will this change have on my people, processes and product?” and “What will I need to do to make sure all three elements are equally prepared?”.


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