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The Fundamentals of being a Top Performing Sales Person

Over the last couple of months I have been given the task of developing a team of high performing sales people in a market where the services we are selling is quite saturated, a lot of our target market has been burnt before by promising magic cowboys (they seem to just disappear after promising you the world) and having little to no brand/presence to rely on and yes I was aware of these factors before I took on the task.  “What are you crazy?” I hear you saying. But this was an opportunity to really test my ability and put what I’ve learnt over the years around sales performance to the test and oh-boy has it been put to the test. I have learnt more in the last 3 months about sales performance/sales management then in the last 3 years! Let me tell you why. Read the rest of this entry

A little Acknowledgement goes a long, long way…

“Keep up the good work”, “Well done in that meeting”, “Thank You.” They’re nice words, aren’t they? Even just going back and reading them again makes me feel better. But how often do we hear them? Or more importantly, how often do we say them?? It costs us nothing to say these words. Maybe a little bit of pride, but that’s it. You don’t have to reach into your wallet, hold an event or write it down (although sending a sincere hand written ‘thank you’ card or email can be hugely powerful). All it takes is for you to open your mouth, assemble a few words together and PRESTO! Read the rest of this entry

“Suit for you Boss?” Sales lessons learnt in Bali

I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks in Bali, and although I am an avid surfer and have done a fair bit of traveling to other parts of the world, this was my first time to the island of perfect surf, nasi goreng and fake Ray Bans. Now I’m always one for a good bargaining challenge and often enjoy testing out different sales people’s approach and skill level, however I soon came to realise that bargaining in Bali is at an entire different level than that of Australia. Read the rest of this entry

What separates the Great Sales Pros from ‘the rest’? Probably not what you first think…

A Gentleman who's done a Great job of selling himself!!

When you think of gentlemanly professions, I’m sure titles such as Doctor, Teacher & Philanthropist come to mind. But I’d bet my right arm that Salesman didn’t arise. Why? Well this post isn’t about the perception most people have of sales people (if you want to read more on that topic I recommend you read the “Why is SALES such a dirty word?” article). Today is all about what separates the Great Sales Professionals to ‘the rest’ and it’s probably not what you’d first think. Read the rest of this entry