How to get your Sales Team Motivated & Crushing Targets

“How many calls have you made?”, “How many meetings have you had this week?”, “What’s happening with X & Y accounts?”. Sound like familiar questions? Whether you’re the one asking them or the one receiving them, these questions are generally the most common questions you’ll hear in sales meetings. Yes the answers to these questions are important, but there are other ways in attaining this information and they certainly don’t arouse excitement and inspiration in your team to run back to their desks and pick up the phone. Read the rest of this entry


Top Ten Sales Books of All Time

This post has been a while in the making. Mainly because it was so hard to cull a list down to just 10 books, because there are literally hundreds of sales books that offer great advice on how to become a better sales professional. Certainly some books offer more than others, although my hope is that this list includes those books that are loaded with tangible tips, techniques and strategies that will take your sales to the next level.

I also wanted to make a note that some of these books aren’t directly related to sales (meaning they don’t directly tell you how to ask particular sales questions). There are a few books on general communication & mindset. Two qualities that, if you want to be an expert sales professional, you must learn to master.

So please enjoy! I hope you get as much out of these books as I have. They all definitely sit on the Top Shelf in my office.

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EoFY Sales (Reflection) Time

Aaahhh it’s that time again.  Little bits of paper flying everywhere, buttons on the calculator are getting smashed and scrunched up faces at every desk that show they’re blatantly thinking, ‘That can’t be right??”. Yes it’s End of Financial Year time, a time when most of us are consumed with the question “What else can I claim?” However this time of the year also brings around a questions that isn’t as popular as the first, but just as important, which is “Did we hit our sales target for the year?” Read the rest of this entry

Is Facebook Good at Sales?

With over 500 million members (100 million more people than the entire population of the USA) there is no question that Facebook has become one of the most powerful entities in the world. However, would you say they are good at sales? Read the rest of this entry

Top 10 Solution Sales Questions

I mentioned in my previous post that if your sales team ask better questions, you will get better answers = better information = better proposals/presentations = better closing. Therefore I thought I’d share some of my top questions I ask my prospective clients and key accounts. Read the rest of this entry