Top Shelf Friends

What good is having a Top Shelf packed full of ‘Top Shelf’ material if you don’t have anyone to share it with?

Here are some our ‘Top Shelf’ friends where you’ll find our articles scattered throughout their shelves plus an abundant amount of other expert business/sales advice. is an online resource dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses with the latest information, how-to guides, blogs, news, tips and advice on how to start, manage and grow a business. Supported by Dynamic Business magazine, Australia’s highest circulating magazine for SMEs. Luke McLeod (Creator of Top Shelf Sales Blog) is one of a select group of business bloggers that regularly contributes material for this renown and respected business website. is the number one sales blog in the world ranked by blogrank. A website dedicated to helping professionals develop their skills from leadership to brand management to psychotherapy to sales. Luke McLeod (Creator of Top Shelf Sales Blog) is a key contributor to the website and is honored to consider a Top Shelf friend.



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